Tax Pros Is The Route To Go.

What a glorious week in Charlottesville it is setting out to be!  Warmer weather, sunshine; yes, Spring is on its way!  You have to admit that this puts a little ‘Spring’ into your step, right?  It surely does for us.  We want to put more of a ‘Spring’ into your step as well with taking the burden off your shoulders with taxes.  Believe it or not, we are just a few days shy of being exactly two months away from taxes being due to the IRS.  Have you started looking at all of your paperwork, deductions and everything else that goes along with it?  It can be overwhelming we know, but a tax professional can take the sting out and soothe your worries.   In the long run you will be better off to have another set of eyes look at them.  A trained tax professional will see and know things you don’t, and can make sure your taxes are done right from the beginning.

I thought I would share this article from the Wall Street Journal…it reaffirms why it is beneficial to hire an accountant to help with your taxes.  Call one you can trust, one that is down to earth, one who is knowledgeable, get a referral from someone, or just call us.