“Current Accounting has been our bookkeeping partner for 7 years. They are attentive and responsive. We would highly recommend their services.”

Darcey — Watermark Design


We are not your typical accountants. We are problem solvers who just happen to be good with numbers. With the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007, we began to realize the impending impact that technology was about to have on many industries, including the accounting industry. We felt that the traditional image of accountants — you know, briefcases, boardrooms, three-piece suits and terrible coffee — was on a downward trend. Our actual vision at the time was being able to sit on the beach and file your taxes from your brand new iPhone without ever touching a pen or sheet of paper.

The idea of Current Accounting is a combination of our love of the water and also a constant reminder of our commitment to always stay on the cutting edge of technology. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help you realize how simple modifications within your accounting department will ultimately improve your overall quality of life!


We are a collection problem-solvers. Everyone’s situation is very unique, so we are adept at remaining open-minded to finding the best solution for you. We have nearly twenty years worth of accounting experience ranging from entry-level through CFO-level environments. This wide range of expertise allows us to quickly understand each challenge you are facing.

Holly Boggs

Dustin Boggs

“Current Accounting helped me incorporate my business, and they built my entire accounting department from scratch; the fact that they accomplished everything remotely is simply impressive.”

Amanda — Entrepreneur


We offer very simple packages — our goal is not to nickel and dime and we do not want to waste your time negotiating pricing. We believe the future of the accounting industry from a systematic standpoint is cloudbased, SaaS-focused…so shouldn’t we operate the same way? Our packages are very straight-forward and month-to-month, so you are not locked into anything with us. We are that confident that you will love our approach.

Since we are entrepreneurial by nature, we tend to focus on start-ups, but we will absolutely partner it’s existing businesses as well. We love to build foundations! If you are starting, or thinking about starting, a business, we would love the opportunity to venture down this road with you!

Start-Up Package

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur thinking about making the jump, let us help! We will tackle the compliance requirements to establish your new business and implement any systems you would like – including accounting, human resources, CRM, point-of-sale, and many more.

Rebuilding Foundation Package

If you are an established business but feel your systems and processes are outdated, we can help you upgrade your existing systems or migrate to new ones. We work with many systems, so we are confident we can help you implement the best solution for your business.

Clean-up Package

Do you need help cleaning up your records, such as account reconciliations, cluttered customer, vendor and inventory databases? We can update your records to current status and then hand them back to your existing accounting team, or if you prefer, we are happy to maintain them going forward.

Help me, Please! Package

If you simply want someone to take “accounting” off your hands so you can have peace of mind – we get it. No need to explain further. We are here to provide you the tools and freedom to run your business without all of the hassles that accounting tasks bring.

We also partner with Alsatian Consulting. If you sign up with Current Accounting, we will offer you a free initial consultation. Visit Alsatian Consulting for more details on their service.

“I hired Current Accounting almost 3 years ago to help me start my business and setup my accounting system and to make sure everything ran smoothly and I could not be happier. Everything is done remotely and when I need something, they are fast and efficient. 99% of the work is done remotely and is a great setup and they are 100% trustworthy. Also, they are very responsive to texts and emails with my elementary questions.”

Defne — The Cleaning Company


We live in the clouds. This is the future of many industries, and we have believed this dating back to the early-2000’s…long before Dropbox was mainstream! We jumped onto this philosophy and have seen many of the established platforms, and we are uniquely positioned to recommend the best for your set-up. We also understand that technology is ever-evolving, and we are constantly monitoring the latest releases in case better solutions are introduced that we feel may be better for you.


We exist to help you be great. Our satisfaction is generated by your success — simply put, we provide you with the tools that allow you the freedom to focus your attention on growing your business. Plenty of options exist regarding accounting solutions, and choosing the right one can sometimes feel like tossing darts at a board. What sets us apart from the rest is that at our core, we are genuine, authentic, openminded, and we care.


We will begin by meeting with you to learn your existing challenges. We will then quickly offer our recommendations, and if you wish, we are here to help you become great!

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